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Temperature Detection Pole – Simple Yet Effective – Resistance to Virus Spread
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Body temperature detection pole is a non contact intelligent body temperature detection device. This product uses a high-precision Thermal Imaging sensor with a sensing distance of 0.5m-1m. It has high precision and high resolution, and is operational under the sunlight, environment proof. Accuracy variance at ±0.3°C in room temperature. The initial temperature setting is 37.3°C (adjustable). The actual body temperature detected by the product is displayed when the product is in operation. An alarm is generated when the temperature exceeds 37.3°C.

No Contact, Speedy Detection

Non-contact temperature measurement method, through infrared thermal imaging probe can quickly screen abnormal body temperature targets, one person and one screen, high screening accuracy and rapid differentiation

Setting of Body Temperature Threshold to Improve Safeness

Supports body temperature screening. The terminal can set the safety threshold for temperature detection. When the safety threshold is exceeded, the sound and light alarm function of the product can be triggered.

Pole Based Design, Small Footprint, Can Be Installed in Any Position

The safety temperature detection pole is designed for crowded occasions and meets the requirements of fast clearance.

Information display

High-definition 8-inch display screen, real-time statistics of the number of passing people and the number of warnings.

Warning lights

When the temperature detection is abnormal, the lights the body temperature detection pole prompts change from blue to red as warning.


Automatically record the number of alarms and the number of people entering and exiting in real time, and transmit it to the backend management system; at the same time, the body temperature detection data can be transmitted to the backend simultaneously to achieve the summary statistics of the data.

Intelligent Temperature Measurement System Platform

Real-time monitoring of the temperature status of incoming and outgoing personnel, visualized and centralized presentation. Anomaly warnings on individual data base on abnormal body temperature and without wearing a protective mask.

Colourful Configuration, Interactive Design

The LED light colour on the pole can be customized according to customer preference. The product can also be equipped with a hand sanitizer holder. Temperature measurement and disinfection at the entrance are performed simultaneously to make the entrance safer.