D.TIC Hybrid

D.TIC Hybrid

Today, in light of the rapid advancement of technology, IT infrastructure needs are becoming less and less predictable.  Hence, total cost of ownership (TCO) may increase over time and return on investments (ROI) will be a constantly shifting goalpost.

In view of such sentiments and taking into consideration the operational experience gained from more than 50 implementation sites, DSI has developed a low-cost-high-value cloud based ticketing with admissions control solution that is hosted on the cloud as well as installed on-premise, known as D.TIC Hybrid.

D.TIC Hybrid has been developed to address the requirements of attraction operators that have high visitors but operationally do not warrant a full-scale implementation of an on-premise ticket management solution.  This comprehensive ticketing and admissions control solution has the added value of extending the attraction operator’s sales channel via a secure website and/or mobile app as an option.

The entire solution requires zero computing hardware and is delivered via our secure cloud platform, known as D.MARKET.

D.TIC Hybrid, addresses 4 key management areas within an attraction:

  1. D.MARKET Cloud – Ticket management
  2. D.TIC Desktop – Compact and mobile ticketing point of sales equipment;
  3. D.GATE Hand Held – Mobile admission control; or
  4. D.TIC Cloud Controller & D.GATE – On-premise admission control 

D.TIC Hybrid provides 2 options of admission control:

Option 1: Fully Cloud Ticket Management & Admission Control Solution

Option 2: Cloud Ticket Management with On-Premise Admission Control Solution.