D.TIC Enterprise

D.TIC Enterprise

Ticketing Management: The Core of D.TIC ENTERPRISE

The core revenue stream of any amusement park is ticketing. Our ticketing management module supports multi-sales channel operations.  By default, D.TIC Enterprise will support the following sales channels:

  • Standard Sales Channel: Walk in visitors, Group, Agents; and
  • Extended Sales Chanel: B2C, Mobile App, Mobile ticket sales, Kiosks, OTA, WeChat App.


Admission Control: D.GATE SUITE

When a ticket is presented for admission at the turnstile, the ticket is scanned and its details are transmitted to the D.TIC ENTERPRISE server for authentication and verification.

Implemented together with our D.GATE series of intelligent turnstiles, this module ensures that every single admission into the theme park is genuine.


eWallet Management: D.WALLET

Increase park revenue by providing cashless spending opportunities via D.WALLET module. The physical wallet is the same ticket media issued; it can be in the form of a reusable wristband, disposable wristband, disposable paper ticket or card. The entire in-park payment ecosystem is close-looped and conducted on a cashless basis.


Facilities Rental Management: D.RENTAL

This module manages all aspect of facilities and equipment rental within the park. D.Rental comes with the following standard features:

  • Rental and deposit payment; and
  • Computerised locker key with D.Wallet module, whereby the admission ticket can also act as an eWallet as well as key to open the rented locker


Retail and F&B POS Management: D.POS

The Retail Point of Sales (POS) module integrates both front and back end systems to record transaction as well as track customer spending behavior; this ensures that the right product is in place at the right time for purchase by the visitors.

With regards to F&B POS management, it is essentially designed for restaurants, fast food outlets as well as food kiosk, it is typically implemented to ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved through automation, for example in a restaurant scenario, table management, order taking and order printing (kitchen and beverage bar) are all done automatically.

All primary payment methods can be accepted in the operation. They include but not limited VISA, MASTERCARD, WECHATPAY and ALIPAY.


Reporting Management

Each line of business and line of operation is treated as a data collection point; data is collected and transmitted to the back end where it is analyzed to produce reports to facilitate business strategy development and execution. D.TIC Enterprise platform comes with more than 50 standard built in reports. However, it is part of our services to provide customized reports upon request. The technology used in our reporting module is intuitive where managers can open the standard report to perform drag-and-drop of fields in to the report reader to access to information from different angles. Besides, the reporting tool display reports in tabular form as well as graphical form. Last but not least, each report can be exported into Excel format for further formatting.